Easy to Use Logo Creator Tools for Freelancers & Small Business Owners

May 23, 2017

Whether you’re a solo freelancer or a huge corporation, a company logo is an essential part of making your company recognizable and legitimate.

Used on your website header, online profiles, business cards, stationery and any other marketing presence, your logo unites your various profiles.

A company logo is an essential part of making your company recognizable and legitimate.

What Exactly Is a Logo?

Whether it’s simply a typographic name (e.g. the classic Coco-Cola logo) or a graphic representation of your brand (e.g. the iconographic Mercedes-Benz 3-point star), logos can become immediately recognizable visual cues that transcend font or color choice. When we think of logos, we often think of complex illustrations but often the best logos are extremely simple. To help inspire you, here’s a roundup of some of the most recognizable logos of our time:

Examples of some of the most recognizable logos.

It’s worth noting that logos can evolve with a brand. Even the most recognizable logos of our times have undergone changes, some subtle and some dramatic. The key is that the logo has held on to something of its original essence over time. Check out the evolution of the Coca-Cola logo below (source).

The evolution of the Coca-Cola logo.

The point is that a logo can change over time. Don’t feel like this is a one-and-done decision you have to make: You can definitely update your logo as your business grows and-in fact-such changes are a good way to signal important milestones on your business’ journey. So… don’t overthink it. Start by choosing something you love and grow from there!

But Isn’t Logo Design Expensive?

Getting a professional design can definitely be expensive. Most freelancers and small business owners simply don’t have the budget to bring on a graphic designer. When you’re starting out, it’s easy to conclude that a logo is just a fluffy extra: That time and money is better spent honing your trade, marketing your business and completing client work.

Fortunately, there has been a rise in free (or almost free) logo creators that allow you to make a logo on the spot—no software downloads or design education needed. So, there’s really no excuse for not creating a consistent logo for your business cards, invoices, website and social media profiles.

The following logo creator tools will let you develop a professional logo that legitimizes your business.

1. Squarespace Logo

Squarespace Logo is a free logo maker by the same people who make the Squarespace CMS platform. Their logo designer is simple:



2. LogoGarden

LogoGarden is a free logo creator, founded in 2011 and used by over 1,765,002 entrepreneurs. You can browse through hundreds of samples by industry, from accounting to transportation or jump right into their logo designer. To get started:



Overall, there are a lot of great features in this tool for non-designers to create a unique logo.

3. GraphicSprings

GraphicSprings is a logo maker that allows you to create professional looking logos. Something to note about this site: it is a free logo maker as in the use of the software is free, but they do not provide you with a free logo. You can look at a batch of logos created in random industries for inspiration prior to designing your own. To get started:



Don’t Forget: Upload Your Logo to Your FreshBooks Account

Using a logo creator tool is a great way to produce your first logo at an affordable cost. As you grow your business and develop your brand, a professional designer can create the next generation of your logo and brand identity. Once you’ve created your logo, make sure to add it to your FreshBooks invoices.

FreshBooks makes it easy for you to create invoices both you and your clients will love. You can customize each one effortlessly right from the Invoices page. Click here to learn how. 

Things to Keep In Mind

Having a great logo is awesome, but it’s important to stay within legal and ethical boundaries. You need to be mindful of these few things:

  1. Trademark Violations: Steer clear of logo creators that make logos using fonts from other brands (e.g. Facebook, Disney, Coca-Cola, etc). Ripping off another company’s design – especially Fortune 500 brands – can land you in legal trouble due to trademark violations.
  2. Read the Terms of Use: You need to actually read the Terms and Conditions that you agree to when using the site. Some sites provide limited usage rights – meaning that you could be prohibited from using the logo for business purposes. Others may sign you up for other services you may not want or need at the end of a trial period.
  3. Limit Collateral Investment: In addition, if you do not plan to use your new logo long term, you shouldn’t invest in thousands of business cards, brochures and other forms of physical collateral. It’s easy to change a logo on your website or Facebook. Only purchase quantities of physical collateral that you’ll be able to use during the lifespan of that logo.

Additional Resources: Even More Logo Makers!

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the three tools tested above, here’s a longer list of additional logo makers for you to explore:

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