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What should I know when migrating to the new FreshBooks?

The new FreshBooks has been rebuilt from the ground up, with over 250 new features to help you run y...

How do I create an Invoice?

Invoices allow you to bill a Client for your products and/or services, and help you keep track of yo...

How do I customize my account?

FreshBooks allows you to customize several things in your account to bring it in line with your comp...

How do I accept Credit Card payments with FreshBooks Payments?

Accepting credit cards is fast, safe and easy. You can connect your FreshBooks account to one of our...

How do I create an Expense?

FreshBooks makes it easy to keep track of your spending. This article shows you how to add an Expens...

How do I add income generated outside of FreshBooks?

In FreshBooks, all income must be associated to an Invoice. If you’ve received income outside of Fre...