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An invoice was paid but it is still showing as outstanding in my Accounts Aging Report. What’s going on?

So you’ve added a payment to an invoice…Hooray for getting paid!

Then you wander over to your Accounts Aging report thinking everything’s dandy. But what’s this? The report shows that the client owes you money, but then when you click on the amount, no unpaid invoices show up. Huh?

For example. Sandy’s Scrumptious Sweets gave me a post-dated check. I enter the payment with a payment date of 02/29/12. I generate an Accounts Aging report today (01/18/12):

  The accounts aging report will compile all money owed to you as of today. If a payment is entered on an invoice and dated in the future, the accounts aging report still thinks that the client owes you money. A complication arises: you can’t search for which invoice that is directly using the Accounts Aging link, because the invoice does have a “paid” status. You will need to identify which invoice is worth the value showing up in the accounts aging report (in this case it is$10.00) and confirm that the date entered for it’s payment is in the future. You can then edit the payment entry so that the date is not in the future. To edit payments: 1. Go to Invoices—>Payment History 2. Click ‘edit’ beside the payment 3. Change the date 4. Save