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How do I attach Receipts to my Expenses?

To help keep track of your spending, you can attach receipts to your Expenses. This is helpful if you are required to save all receipts for your business-related Expenses and tax deductions.

Attaching receipts to your Expenses is easy in FreshBooks. Just follow these steps:

Sample receipt being attached to an expense.
  1. Go to the Expenses tab
  2. Click on the New Expense button, or the edit link on an existing Expense
  3. After you’ve specified the details like Amount, Date, Vendor, Category and Notes, check off Attach Image of Receipt
  4. Under Select Image, click on Choose File and select your Receipt
  5. Click the Save Expense button and you’re done. You can preview it by hovering over the paperclip icon.
Preview of an expense with a receipt attached to it.

Receipts on Invoices

When you re-bill your Expense on an Invoice, the Receipt is also included! You can view this by hovering your mouse over the blue Receipt attachment, which will show you a preview of the Receipt.

Preview of receipt on an invoice.
Why can’t I upload my Receipts?

There are several reasons this might be happening. Here’s how to narrow down the culprits:

  • Try to upload the file again, in case the issue was a temporary one
  • Ensure the file is no larger than 5 MB
  • Try using a different web browser
  • Try uploading the receipt while in Incognito/private browsing mode

If either of these last two options work for you, the problem was likely caused by a browser add-on or extension. You can disable it and see if it works.

  • If the previous options don’t work, the image/PDF file might be corrupted or have non-standard formatting applied to it.

    Open the image or PDF on your computer, then choose Save As (normally found under the File menu) and save it somewhere else on your computer. Now try to upload the newly saved file.

If you are still having difficulty, you can contact our awesome Support Rockstars at support@freshbooks.com or at 1-866-303-6061 for assistance. Include the file if possible, in your email.