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Can I re-use an old invoice number?

In FreshBooks, you can not use the same invoice # more than once. That goes for all invoices: active, archived, and deleted.

If you created an invoice in the past and deleted it, but want to use that number again for a new invoice, it is possible. You will need to find the old invoice and change the number on it so that you may re-use that number on a new invoice. Take this hypothetical situation:

A. You create an invoice # 10 for a client

B. You end up deleting that invoice

C. You want to use # 10 again on a new invoice, but the system won’t let you… What do you do?

1) Go to the “Invoices” tab and access your “deleted” folder 2) Find Invoice #10 and un-delete it 3) Find Invoice #10 in your active list and click “edit” 4) Change the invoice number from 10 to anything else. We recommend using a number/letters that will never be re-used in the future 5) Save the invoice **OPTIONAL** 6) Delete the old invoice if it serves no purpose to you (labeled as XXXXX)   ### **Changing the old invoice number (10, in this case) to anything else and saving the invoice will free up that # for future use.**