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Can my Staff or Contractor create Expenses?

For Staff

Staff can create expenses as long as you have Expenses enabled for them in the Staff Permissions. To enable this:


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on the Permissions sub-tab
  3. Check off Expenses next to Staff Permissions and click the Save

You’ll also need to assign Clients to your Staff so that they can associate Expenses with a Client/Project. To enable this:


  1. Go to the People tab
  2. Click on the Assign Clients sub-tab
  3. Choose a Staff Member from the drop down and select the Client(s) you want to assign to that Staff. Click Save after and you’re done!

Notes about Staff and Expenses:

  • Expenses entered by a Staff member will show up on the list with their name written under the date of that Expense.
  • Staff_created_Expense

  • Staff can see Expenses that they’ve added themselves, and Expenses assigned to Clients that they have access to.
  • Staff can never see unassigned expenses added by the Administrator.

For Contractors

Contractors can create expenses, but they will not show up in the Administrator’s account.

  • Contractors can log an Expense and then assign it to you, which they then Invoice you for through re-billing.
  • Afterwards, you can log the Contractor’s Expense in your account and assign it to your Client for re-billing.