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How do I add, edit or delete a payment?

In FreshBooks, income is tracked when you mark an Invoice as paid. This is done by entering in a Client’s payment manually (if you have the payment on hand) or through one of the available payment gateways here. You’re also able to modify payments if you’ve done a partial or full refund. Read more on how to add, edit or delete payments:

Add a Payment

If you’ve received a payment outside of FreshBooks, you’ll want to add that payment to the Invoice in your account so FreshBooks recognizes you’ve received that money.

To add a payment, you can either do individual payments on each Invoice or mark a group of Invoices as paid in one bulk action. The payment will also automatically reflect the currency of the Invoice.

  1. Go to the Invoices tab
  2. Check the Invoice that you want to mark as Paid (or you can select multiple Invoices)
  3. Click the Enter Payment button at the top of the list
  4. Add_Payment

  5. The full payment will populate automatically, or you can change the Payment amount as needed
  6. Choose the Method, Date, and include any Notes you want (such as the check number)
  7. Check off Send payment notification emails to if you want to send a notification, or leave it unchecked
  8. Payment_Details

  9. Click Save and your Invoice will be marked as Paid.

Edit a Payment

To edit a payment, use these steps:

  1. Go to the Invoices tab
  2. Click on the Payments sub-tab
  3. Click edit next to an existing payment
  4. Edit_Payment

  5. From here you can edit all the payment information. Click Save once you’re done.

Delete a Payment

Deleting a payment is very similar to editing a payment. If you’ve ever accidentally marked an Invoice as paid and want to make it unpaid again, you can use these steps. If you’re looking to do a refund, check out this article.

  1. Go to the Invoices tab
  2. Click on the Payments sub-tab
  3. Check the box off next to the payment(s) you want to delete
  4. Click on the Delete Forever button
  5. Delete_Payment

  6. Click OK to confirm and the payment will be deleted.