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How do I create an Estimate?

Estimates allow you to create and send an approximate outline of your Items or Services to your Client for approval before beginning the work. The client can then Accept the Estimate for approval before converting it into an Invoice, or you can go ahead and convert it yourself to start collecting payment (or apply a Deposit on it)!

Create an Estimate

Follow these steps to create your Estimate:

  1. Click on the Estimates tab
  2. Click on the + New Estimate button
  3. New estimate button.

Each section of the Estimate is broken down into detail below:

Blank estimate with fields to fill out.
  • Client – Choose a Client to send the Estimate to
  • Estimate Number – This is automatically incremented for you +1. You can change it here if needed (also alphanumeric)
  • Date of Issue – Date of the Estimate
  • PO Number – If you have a PO that you’d like to reference, you can include the number here
  • Tasks and Items – Enter any services and products you are quoting the Client for
  • Add a Discount – Click on this link to add a percentage based discount as needed
  • Terms – This is automatically populated for you with the text inside the Default Terms if there are any. Otherwise, you can add your own details like standard payment terms
  • Notes Visible to Client – Add a summary or details here

When you’re finished with your Estimate, you can either Save as a Draft or Send by Email.

Accept an Estimate

When you send an Estimate to your Client, they receive an email with a link to the Estimate and a button to Accept it with a single click. This allows the Client to confirm your quote so you can start invoicing them.

The Client’s view of the Estimate will look similar to below:

Accept button on client view of estimate.

To Accept an Estimate yourself, you can use the below steps:

  1. Go to the Estimates tab
  2. Check off the box next to the Estimate you want to mark
  3. Click on the Accept button and the Estimate will now display as Accepted.
  4. Accept button on admin view in estimate tab.

Convert an Estimate into an Invoice

Once the Estimate has been reviewed by your Client, save time by instantly converting it to an Invoice. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the Estimates tab
  2. Check the box off next to the Estimate
  3. Click on the Convert to Invoice button and your Estimate will be converted to a new Invoice that you can finish editing.
  4. Convert to invoice button on admin view in estimate tab.


How do I add or edit my Default Terms?

Default Terms are remembered for any new Estimates you create. To create one or edit existing Default Terms, use these steps:

  1. Go to the Estimates tab
  2. Click edit next to any existing Estimate, or create a new one with the + New Estimate button
  3. Scroll to the bottom to the Terms box and click on the Set Default Terms link
  4. Set default terms link on an estimate.
  5. Enter your Terms, and click Save to finish.
  6. Customize default estimate terms in box.

How can I unaccept an Estimate?

If an Estimate was accepted by accident or the Client has changed their mind, you can use the Copy button in the Estimates tab to duplicate the original Estimate. You can then use the new copied Estimate moving forward, and delete the original version that was accepted.

How do I offer multiple options to my Client on an Estimate?

Offering multiple options to your clients is one of the key elements of value-based pricing. You can either:

  • Make multiple Estimates, with each one covering a different option that you present to your Client. Your Client can Accept the Estimate with the option of their choice
  • Present all options on a single Estimate, and add each option as an Item. Leave the Qty column at $0 so that it does not inflate your Estimate Total