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How do I import my Clients?

FreshBooks allows you to import your list of Clients, so you can save time by not having to add them manually one by one. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to My Account
  2. Click on the Import & Export sub-tab
  3. Click on the CSV (Outlook of FreshBooks compatible) link next to Import Clients
  4. Import_Export

  5. You’ll then need to reformat your CSV file so your Client information correctly matches the relevant fields within FreshBooks. The best way to do this would be to click the See a samplelink to see a sample file
  6. When your file is formatted and ready, click Choose file and locate your CSV file
  7. Hit Upload
  8. You’ll then see a list of the Clients you’re attempting to import. Review the list and if everything looks ok, click Import Clients
  9. Your Clients are now imported!

If you run into any issues, check that there is an email in the mandatory Email field. If your Clients do not have an email, just add in a placeholder such as “” to allow the Client profile to be saved.