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How do I track time?

In FreshBooks, you can track time quickly and easily. Time Tracking requires two things:


These are a way for you and the system to track the work being done. Projects are assigned to individual Clients so that you can Invoice them easily when the time comes. To learn how to create and manage Projects, check out this article.


Tasks are a way for you to explain the work you are doing on a specific project. There is no limit to how many Tasks you can have on one Project, and each Task can be assigned a different billing rate (rate at which you bill your Client). If you don’t plan on billing anyone for the time you are tracking, you can leave these tasks as “non-billable”. To learn about how to create and manage Tasks, check out this article.

Tracking Time:

  1. Go to the Time Tracking tab
  2. You will see a calendar view of your Timesheets
  3. Pick a day in the calendar
  4. Choose a Project and a Task
  5. Enter your hours manually with any necessary notes
  6. Click the Log Hours button.
Timesheet in a monthly calendar view.

Notice how there are three tabs to choose from on the Timesheet – Monthly, Weekly and Daily. Choose whichever one works best for you.

All time entries are tracked in decimal places. You have the choice to log your hours using a decimal (for example, 3.5 = 3 hours, 30 minutes) or using hours:minutes. To do this, simply use a colon (:) instead of a period. 3:30 would get entered as 3 hours, 30 minutes, which results in 3.50.

Using the Timer

In the top right of your Timesheet, you’ll see the + Start Timer button. Clicking on this will open up a Timer pop-up. On the Timer, you’ll need to choose a Project and a Task, then click the Start button (the ‘play’ button at the top of the Timer).

You can Pause or Reset the timer at any point. Once the hours have been captured, click the Log Hours button and those hours will appear on your Timesheet.

If you want to have multiple timers running in your account, you can open your Time Tracking tab in as many browser windows/tabs as you want. Each timer can run independently in each window/tab.

Timer in a separate window with monthly timesheet in another window.