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Welcome to FreshBooks!

Here’s a quick start guide to get you on the way to invoicing your clients.

First things first.

Log into your FreshBooks account.

The web address for your login page should look something like

Customize your account

1- Click on the “Settings” link at the top right hand corner of your page. We’ll be making some quick customization changes to your account in the next 2 steps.

2- Fill out your Company Profile.

Information like Company Name and Address will appear on your invoices while Company Type, Profession, and Timezone will not.

3- Hover your mouse over the FreshBooks logo to prompt the “Upload your logo” link to appear. Clicking on that link will display the box pictured below allowing you to browse your computer or drop your image for uploading.

FreshBooks will automatically adjust your menu bar to the most dominant colour in your logo.

Create an invoice

1- Customization complete! Now let’s head over to the “Invoices” tab where we’ll start creating that first invoice.

2- Every invoice needs a client, so you’ll need to enter their info first. Fortunately all this info will be saved into a client profile so you won’t need to re-enter it again.

The only required field here is an email address, so you can fill that out for now and enter the rest of the details later if you wish.

3- After saving your client, you’ll be prompted to start adding your items (the things you’re billing for).

Much like client profiles, these item details are saved in a profile and can be re-used for future invoices.

4- Put the finishing touches on your invoice by entering your terms for payment.

You can create a set of default terms that will appear on all your invoices.

5- Send it! You have the option of email or snail mail (a.k.a. ground mail) to get the invoice in your customer’s hands.

A complete address with a country selected will be necessary if you choose the snail mail option.


Invoice created and sent. You’ve also created a client and re-usable items in the process and possibly put up some default terms for future invoices.

Enter a payment

Did your client pay you for this invoice already? If so, check out the next two steps to add a payment to the invoice.

1- Click on the “Invoices” tab again to see the invoice you just created. Select it by putting a checkmark in the checkbox to the left of it and then click the grey “Enter Payment” button.

2- Enter the payment details for the invoice on this screen and hit “Save”.

Enabling the payment notification email will send your client a receipt for their payment.

Hope you’ve found this guide useful and as always, if you have any questions and need the assistance of a human being, we invite you to give our Award-Winning support folks a call from 9am-6pm EST at: