Customer Ratings and Reviews Explained

    What does this feature do?

    This feature gives you the ability to receive ratings and reviews from your clients after work has been completed. If you request a review, clients are presented with the option of rating your experience out of ten along with adding any comments and feedback in a text box below. You can then easily share these reviews on Facebook or via email.

    New: Now you can also view all your reviews in the reports section of FreshBooks under client reports.

    How reviews are triggered and submitted

    There are two ways in which reviews are triggered and submitted. (1) When online payment in enabled, and (2) after manually entering a payment on the invoice.

    1. When online payment in enabled If your clients pay your invoices online, after you send the invoice via email we will ask if you would like to request a review.

    2.After manually entering a payment If your clients do not pay you online, we will ask you if you would like to send out a review request via email after you enter a payment on an invoice. If you choose to request a review, you can customize the email sent to your client

    From the clients perspective

    When your client agrees to review they will first be asked to rate their experience on a scale of 1-10. They will also be able to add feedback in the text box below.

    1. After a positive review (9 or above) the client will have the option to introduce you to someone they know
    2. They can customize the message and you will automatically be cc’d on the email

    3. After the email is sent a thank you message will appear with a share button, allowing the user to post to Facebook (optional).

    How you can share and view your ratings and reviews.

    1. You can view your recent ratings and reviews on the home page

    2. You can also see reviews directly on a clients profile (towards the bottom). Clicking on numbered rating brings up the review.

    3. You can post these reviews to Facebook as the business owner, or email someone you know directly here.

    Common questions

    Where can I see all my reviews Using the desktop version of FreshBooks head over to the Reports tab -> Client Reports -> Customer reviews. Here you will be able to see all your past reviews and filter them by date range. You can also click on the clients name to be taken directly to the review if you wish to share it.

    How do I disable customer reviews? You can disable customer reviews as the admin by going to settings (top right) -> misc tab -> general section -> un-check “Request reviews from clients”

    Will I be notified if my client reviews me? We will send the administrator an email as soon as a customer submits a review.

    Can I ask for multiple reviews from the same client? Once you have sent a request for a customer review, we will not ask you to send them a request again for another six months. This helps prevent you from sending too many requests to a client, and also from having to manually keep track of recent requests.

    What if I click on “Not Now” for requesting a review from a client? We will not send your customer the chance to review you. However, we will still give you the option to send out a review on your next invoice for them.

    Can my staff also request reviews from a client? At this time, only the administrator of the account can request reviews from a client.

    Can I send reviews from the Android or iOS app? Ratings and reviews are currently unavailable via the mobile apps, but you can use the browser on your mobile device to log into your FreshBooks account and send out reviews from there.


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