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How do I customize my Colors and Logos?

This is where you can customize the overall appearance of your FreshBooks account with a menu color, as well as upload a logo for your Invoices and Estimates.

You can go to the Colors & Logos area with these steps:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on the Colors & Logos sub-tab

Here is what you can customize for your FreshBooks account:

Colours and logos section in settings.
  • Menu Color - Customize your account by choosing a color for your tabs. This is also visible to your Clients when they view their Invoices from you
  • Company Logo - This logo appears on all Invoices, Estimates and in the top corner of your account to yourself and your team (web view only). The recommended size is 150 x 100 pixels
  • High Resolution Logo - Click on the upload a high resolution logo link and upload a higher resolution file of your logo. This ideal for printing PDFs of your Invoices and Estimates, which uses the high resolution logo where available

When you’re all done, click Save to finish.