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How do I manage my Company Profile?

Your Company Profile contains important details about your business that is displayed on all your Invoices, Estimates. This is also where you can change your timezone, Base Currency and Account URL if needed.

To access your Company Profile, use these steps:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. You’ll already be on the Company sub-tab by default

Each section is explained in detail below:

Company profile page with fields to fill in.
  • Company Name - This is the name that is displayed on Invoices, Estimates and in emails to your Clients
  • Base Currency - This is the default currency for your Items, Tasks and all Invoices and Estimates (you can still change currency on any Invoice with the steps here). All Expenses added or imported in are always in this Base Currency
  • Country - A country is mandatory when filling out your Company Profile
  • Address - This is your business’ address and appears on all Invoices and Estimates
  • Email - An email is required for your FreshBooks account - this is also the reply-to address which is automatically put on all emails FreshBooks sends out for you
  • Business Phone - If a phone number is entered, the Classic template will display this (the Clean template will not display the phone number) on all Invoices and Estimates. For details on the differences with both templates, go here.
  • Mobile Phone - You can display a mobile phone number here for your records if needed
  • Fax - If you have a Fax Number, you can put it here
  • Tax Name & Tax Number - Depending on your country, once chosen, you may see two new fields appear - Tax Name and Tax Number. These are optional, but useful if you have a Tax Name/Number that you’re required to include. This will appear on all Invoices for you
  • Time Zone - Set it to your correct time zone so that all information in your account is displayed in your correct date and time
  • Account URL - This is the URL that you have registered for your FreshBooks account, and is where you and your Staff can log in. You can change your subdomain with the steps here.