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< Account Settings

Settings -> Company Profile


  1. Company Name - This is the name that is displayed on Invoices and in emails to your Clients.

  2. Base Currency - This is the main currency that you will be Invoicing in. Don’t worry, you can Invoice in many currencies using FreshBooks. When you create Items / Tasks in FreshBooks, they are set to be in your Base Currency. When Invoicing Clients in different currencies, you can choose to “apply exchange rate” on Invoices so that your Item / Task prices change accordingly.

  3. Country - Pretty straightforward! This is a required field, so you have to pick something.

  4. Address and Business Phone - Everything in the boxes will appear on Invoices under your Company Name as the “return” address. The “Classic” template shows the business phone number and the “Clean” template does not show a phone number.

  5. Email - This is a required field. The email address entered here is what your Clients will see as the “reply address” from FreshBooks emails.

  6. Time Zone - Straightforward!

  7. Account URL - This is the URL that you have registered for your FreshBooks account. Your Clients, your Staff, and you can log in to your FreshBooks account with their own unique login credentials.
      - This URL can be changed up to three times by clicking the little blue (change) button
      - Once changed, the old URLs still work but will not be shown in future communication with your clients/team.