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How do I manage my Template?

Invoices and Estimates allow you to bill for products and/or services to your clients, but they are also a reflection of your business. FreshBooks has some great customization options available to you, so you’re able to create Invoices and Estimates both you and your Clients love. This includes your Template design, logo, headers and labels.

To get to your Template settings, use these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on the Template sub-tab

Each section of the Template sub-tab is broken down below:

Template section with options for customizing.



The Template you choose becomes the default Template used for all Invoices and Estimates moving forward (any historical Invoices and Estimates are preserved as is). You can choose from one of two options:

  • Clean - No watermark or phone number is displayed, titles can be customized and is placed under logo, and a payment stub can be included if enabled
  • Classic - An Invoice or Estimate watermark is placed at the top, and your business phone number is displayed under your company address

Company Logo & Text Below Logo

If a logo is already uploaded from the Color & Logos sub-tab, it’ll be displayed here. You can also re-upload a new logo here as well.

If you’d like text to be displayed under your logo (such as a phone number for the Clean template, slogan, website, or more) you can enter it in the Text Below Your Logo field.

Payment Stub

Whenever saving the Invoice as a PDF, a payment stub can be included for your Clients. This stub includes a link to the Invoice with a code if you are not emailing the Invoice to them, so they’re able to view it online (and pay if an online payment gateway is enabled).

Sample of a payment stub at bottom of invoice.

How Do You Bill

This determines what headings you see on your Invoices and Estimates by default going forward. You can always add or delete while on the Invoice or Estimate with the Add Line button if you ever change your mind.

Items will show you the following headings: Item, Description, Unit Cost and Qty:

Heading showing information to bill for items.

Tasks will show you the following headings: Task, Time Entry Notes, Rate and Hours:

Heading showing information to bill for tasks.

Both will show you both headings on the Invoice and Estimate:

Headings showing information to bill for both items and tasks.


The Labels gives you an option to adjust the way you refer to Invoices, Estimates and Credits. For example, if you and your Clients typically use ‘Quotes’ instead of ‘Estimates’, you can make the change here and this will be adjusted on all of your Estimates going forward. The changes will only be visible on the Client’s end when previewing the Invoice or saving it as a PDF:

Sample of an estimate that is called a quote with the label.

Remember to click Save after you’ve made any changes.