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< Account Settings

Settings -> Template

This is where you can change the appearance of your Invoices/Estimates. We have 2 templates to chose from, and choosing one of them will affect Invoices & Estimates going forward, but not from the past.


Choose the template that you want (Clean or Classic) from the dropdown menu. There are some differences between the Clean & Classic templates:

  • No Watermark
  • No phone number is displayed
  • Invoice/Estimate titles can be customized. For example you can change “Estimate” to “Quote”
  • The Invoice/Estimate title is found under your company logo
  • You can include a Payment stub on the bottom of the invoice

  • Shows an “Invoice” or “Estimate” watermark on the top centre.
  • Displays “Business phone” from your company profile under your company address

You’re also able to add your Company Logo from this area - just click ‘Choose File’, locate your Logo on your Computer and away you go. If you have a Company slogan or tagline you want to add to your Invoices, use the Text Below Your Logo field to add this in. This is also a great space to enter a phone number if you’re using the Clean template!

The How do you bill? option will change what headings you see on you Invoices going forward. If you bill for Items only, the I sell Items option will ensure only the Item / Description / Unit Cost columns will be on your Invoice. Equally if you only bill for Time, the I bill for my Time option will give you the Task / Time Entry Notes / Rate columns on your Invoice. You can also select Both, and this can always be changed on the Invoices when you’re creating them.

The Labels section gives you the option to adjust the way you refer to Invoices, Estimates and Credits. For example, if you and your Clients typically use ‘Quotes’ instead of ‘Estimates’, you can make the change here and this will be adjusted on all of your Estimates, err… Quotes, going forward.

Remember to click Save when if you’ve made any changes, then get down to business!