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What are Rates (billing methods)?

“Rates” are the amounts per hour that you plan on billing your clients for time tracked on selected projects. These hourly rates are customizable and are streamlined into projects to optimize your workflow. Businesses bill differently for their time, and FreshBooks accommodates virtually every situation. How you bill is up to you, and we allow for varying rates to be set within the same project.

1) Rates by Task - categorizes the type of work done when tracking time and charges your client based on that task specific hourly rate.

2) Rates by Team member - additional users who track time in FreshBooks can have their own hourly rates for billing purposes.

3) Rates by Project - the hourly rate you bill clients is the same for all hours on a project.

4) “Flat project amount” - where your client will be billed at one set amount regardless of the amount time tracked to that project.


**Note: You can still edit the rates on the invoice itself after you’ve generated it from your project(s).