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What are Auto-Bills?

Auto-Bills allows you to automatically charge a Client’s credit card on a regular basis through a Recurring Profile. This is perfect for those subscription-based Clients you’re billing on a recurring basis with the same cost each month – there’s no fuss with collecting payment as it’s all done automatically!

After setting up a Recurring Profile, you’ll need an Auto-Bill-friendly payment gateway enabled. If you haven’t enabled a payment gateway before, you can get started here.

To enable Auto-Bills, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Invoices tab
    2. Click on the Recurring Profiles sub-tab
    3. Click edit next to the Recurring Profile you want to enable
    4. In the Accept Online Payment section, ensure an Auto-Bill capable payment gateway (e.g., FreshBooks Payments or Stripe) is checked off
    5. In the Auto-Bill dropdown, select your payment gateway

Auto-bill dropdown with a payment gateway selected on recurring profile.

  1. Click Save at the bottom to finish.


This will then enable Auto-Bill as an option to your Clients.

It is up to your Clients to enable Recurring Payments on the Invoice received. They also have the ability to update their credit card information and remove the stored credit card information if they wish.

To see what your Clients have to do to enable, update or remove Auto-Bills, check out this article here.