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Which payment gateway should I choose?

Note: The below payment gateways are for FreshBooks Classic only. Only FreshBooks Payments and Stripe is supported in the all-new FreshBooks.


You can enable gateways as the account administrator by going to Settings and clicking on Accept Credit Cards sub-tab. See detailed steps here.


  Your business is based in… Available in all-new FreshBooks Support Auto-Bill Capable
US Canada UK Other
FreshBooks Payments     1-866-303-6061
Stripe Beta Contact


Note: Do you bill over $10K a month? You might qualify for lower transaction fees. Give our dedicated Payments Team a shout at payments@freshbooks.com or call toll-free: 1-866-336-0727.


FreshBooks Payments


  • Send off an Invoice and get paid in minutes! No setup required
  • Your Clients will simply enter a credit card number to process a payment
  • No additional merchant account required
  • Supports automatic billing for Recurring Invoices in FreshBook
  • Any transaction fees, refunds, or chargebacks get automatically logged as Expenses
  • Auto-bills, a way for your Clients to save their credit card information and allow you to charge them automatically, are 100% free
  • Full payments support from your friends at FreshBooks, so you always have someone who knows where your money is
  • The homepage widget in your FreshBooks account helps you know exactly where your money is at all times
  • Backed by our amazing Support team! You’ll always get to speak to an actual human who will know where your money is during the process.


  • None!

Who is it for:

  • Users in the US and Canada
  • Users looking for a quick and easy set up
  • Users looking for a human and effective support process.


To get set up with FreshBooks Payments, get started here.




  • Quick and easy setup
  • Your Clients are kept inside the FreshBooks interface when making a payment
  • Auto-bill capable without the need for a merchant account
  • Earnings are automatically transferred to your bank account on a 7-day rolling basis


  • Only email support available, but Support can call if the issue cannot be resolved through email correspondence

Who is it for?

  • Users looking for a quick and easy set up
  • Any one who wants to use the FreshBooks auto-bill feature but not go through the hassle of setting up a merchant account


To begin using Stripe, get started here.


Still Have Questions?

As always, if you have any questions and need the assistance of a human being, we invite you to give our Award-Winning support folks a call from 9am-6pm EST at: