Easy Breezy Expense Tracking in FreshBooks [Infographic]

February 9, 2018

Are you struggling to find the right solution to track expenses? Enter expense tracking in FreshBooks.

Tracking your expenses is one crucial part of the accounting process. You probably understand how essential it is to the success of your business. If not, consider that expense tracking:

You also probably know that to realize these benefits you need to track all expenses. You likely find yourself along the following spectrum: sending a shoebox of receipts to your accountant at year end and prudently tracking your receipts in a spreadsheet.

But deep, down inside, you know this isn’t the best way. After all, it takes time, you feel disorganized and you often wonder whether you’re leaving money on the table come tax time.

The trouble is you can’t decide which solution is right for you.

Enter FreshBooks.

Expense Tracking Made Easy with FreshBooks

FreshBooks is cloud accounting software that’s designed for small service-based business owners who don’t have the time to worry about complex accounting. One unique feature they offer is a simple, yet powerful expense tracker.

Tracking expenses in your FreshBooks account will help you stay organized and up-to-date. The tracker seamlessly integrates with invoicing and reporting features so that you always know where your business stands. Let’s look at some of these unique features and benefits in more detail:


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