The 5 W’s of Scaling Accounting Advisory Services [webinar]

Step-by-step, how to offer more advisory services to your clients so you can ensure the long-term success of your firm.

Webinar: The 5Ws of Advisory

As a modern accountant or a progressive bookkeeper, you already know that your client engagements are most valuable when they’re built off of relationships. And you are aware that the future of the accounting industry is stretching beyond the compliance work of bookkeeping and tax filings.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about how to take your practice to the next level and push beyond just compliance services. We call these advisory services, though they’re known by many names. Heck, you may be offering them already and you don’t even know it! That’s what we’re here to discuss.

What You’ll Learn

Dig into the 5 w’s (and 1 h) of advisory services:

Why do I need to offer advisory services (or more of them)? Which ones should I be offering? Who should I be offering these services to? Where do I start or go next? When can I fit this into my firm? And the million-dollar question: How can I make it repeatable and scalable so it’s profitable for me?

Plus, get easy-to-follow steps for adding advisory services to your firm, adding more of them if you are offering them already, and pricing them so they work for you.

Who It’s For

This webinar is for you if:

  • You’re not sure if the services you’re providing are “advisory services” or if you’re doing it “right”
  • You’re doing some advisory services, but you would like to offer them to more of your clients and be paid for the value you’re providing
  • The thought of doing advisory work makes you wonder how you’re going to have time to incorporate that into your existing client workload
  • You want to explore whether your firm should shift to more advisory services (is it worth it?)

Speakers are Twyla Verhelst (CPA), Head of the Accountant Channel at FreshBooks, and Ryan Lazanis (CPA, CA), Founder of Future Firm.

Watch the on-demand webinar now.


Written by FreshBooks

Posted on May 28, 2021