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Get Your Billing in Order With Easy Invoicing Software


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Invoicing Software for Every Size of Business

Whether you’re just starting out or an invoicing pro, FreshBooks invoicing tools support your workflow, helping you build and send invoices in seconds.

Automated and Customized Invoicing

Invoice templates, custom colors and your logo make your invoices yours. Next, use Automated Recurring Invoices, Payments, Payment Reminders, and Retainers to improve cash flow and get more client time.


Make It Easier for Your Clients to Pay

Accept payments right on invoices and get paid 2x faster. Let clients make partial payments, incremental scheduled payments or store payment info for easy payment later.


Billing Is More Than Just An Easy-to-Pay Invoice

In a click, convert Estimates and Proposals to Invoices to keep clients on the same page. And to get paid without invoicing, use Checkout Links for easy one-off payments, anywhere online.



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Do Even More With All-in-One Invoicing

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Track Invoices

Know when clients view invoices

Improve Cash Flow

Stabilize your cash flow with Retainers

More Accurate Books

Use invoices as a record of sale for accurate books

Easier Expensing

Easily rebill expenses to clients

Invoice Details Report

Know how profitable you are

Accounts Aging Report

Track overdue invoices

Easily Apply Deposits

Accept deposits and assign them to invoices

Auto-Schedule Payments

Create payment schedules for repeat customers

Late Fees

Charge late fees when clients are behaving badly

Track Inventory

Automatically track inventory billed on invoices ‍

Have Lots of Clients and Want to Save on Billing?

Our FreshBooks Select Plan could be the solution for you, saving you time and money.

The Select Plan includes:

  • A dedicated account manager to train your team and migrate your books from other platforms
  • Access to lower credit card fees and transaction rates
  • 2 free team member accounts

Invoicing Resources to Support Your Business

Should You Charge Late Payment Fees on Invoices?

[eBook] Your 7-Step Guide to Getting Paid Fast

Use Your Invoice Payment Terms to Get Paid Faster

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Create an Invoice?

It’s easy to create an invoice with FreshBooks. You can create a new invoice from your Dashboard by clicking “Create New” and then clicking “Invoice”. You can also create a new invoice from the “Invoices” section by clicking “New Invoice”.

For more information about creating a professionally designed invoice, creating line items, creating an invoice number, how to send an invoice, and how to get paid click here:

Also, check out this link for even more information about how to send an invoice and get paid using FreshBooks:

What Is the Difference Between Billing and Invoicing?

Essentially, an invoice and a bill communicate the same information and both work to help you get paid. They both have line items about the sale of products or services, a due date, payment terms, sales tax or other tax, among other things. The main difference is an invoice is generally used by a business to get paid by clients, whereas a bill is used by a customer to refer to payments (online or physical) they owe suppliers for their products or services. An invoice and a bill are essentially the same things, but the two terms are simply used by the different parties involved in the same transaction.

How Can I Accept Payments Online?

Depending on your country, there are a few payment providers with different options that can all help you accept credit card payments and get paid: WePay, Stripe & PayPal.

You can’t get paid without invoicing, which is why invoicing and accepting payments needs to be a seamless experience. Accepting online credit card payments and online bank payments is key to getting paid faster. You can opt to accept credit card payments directly on your invoice when you create a new one, and it’s easy for clients to pay you this way.

What’s the Difference Between Payment Schedules & Partial Payments?

Payment Schedules in FreshBooks allow you to create a payment plan for your clients, so they can pay Invoices in multiple and partial instalments according to your payment terms. This saves you from having to create multiple Invoices or continually editing an existing Invoice whenever a new payment is due.

Partial Payments in FreshBooks allow you to receive a payment that is less than the full invoiced amount so clients can pay a custom amount up to the total invoice amount. You can allow for partial payments in your invoice settings. This gives your client flexibility in picking the payment amount.

How Do I Create a Recurring Invoice?

While there are lots of free invoice template and invoice generator options out there, they can be an arduous experience, packed with ads and other barriers. Creating Recurring Invoices in FreshBooks is easy. These Recurring Invoices are automatically generated based on the due date and schedule you choose. Recurring invoicing is the perfect way to invoice subscription-based clients that need ongoing work. Essentially, recurring invoicing is a hands-off invoicing software solution. Here’s how it works:

How Do I Save or Share Invoices?

You can save your professional invoices by downloading them as PDFs and then emailing them to clients. But, the easiest way to send an invoice is right in FreshBooks. FreshBooks invoicing software lets you send invoices right from your account. So while you can download an invoice PDF or copy and paste a shareable invoice link, sending invoices right from FreshBooks only takes a single click. Here’s the full article about sending invoices:

How Can My Clients Automatically Pay Their Invoices?

As a client, receiving an invoice filled with line items for subscription-based products or services, it’s easy to save your credit card, banking or other payment details online in the FreshBooks application so you’re automatically billed each time an invoice comes due. Imagine doing this with paper invoices and receipts and having to keep track of phone and address records separately.

Automatic invoicing in FreshBooks with Recurring Payments makes it simple for clients to pay and for you to get paid for products or services rendered. Recurring Payments works together with Recurring Templates to automatically bill clients every time an invoice is generated and sent.

Saved payment information can always be removed if you want to opt-out of Recurring Payments at any time. Click here for all the details about this feature.


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