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The FreshBooks referral program rewards you with a $25 USD gift card every time one of your referrals signs up for a FreshBooks plan.

Refer a Friend

Easiest. Reward. Ever.

As a FreshBooks customer, you now have an even better reason to share just how great FreshBooks is. Tell your:

  • friends
  • family
  • coworkers
  • neighbors
  • contractor
  • dog walker

By rescuing someone from their old fashioned, painstaking way of invoicing and accounting you get a $25 USD gift card of your choice in return.

Refer a Friend
FreshBooks definitely helps me advance the success that I already had. It makes it a lot easier to look very professional, which I like. And it elevates my business, which really gives me an edge.

Ana Gotter
Business Writer, AnaGotter.com

Ana Gotter
Business Writer, AnaGotter.com

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Brag-Worthy Customer Support

Need another reason to help rack up referrals? Be sure to tell them all about FreshBooks’ award-winning support team.

FreshBooks Customer Support is available by email and phone between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm EST. Speak to real people, not a robot and never be transferred to another department

T: 1-866-303-6061

E: support@freshbooks.com

Frequently Asked Questions

When am I eligible to receive a $25 Gift Card?

When any of your referrals upgrade to a paid FreshBooks plan, and is in good standing +31 days.

What currency is the Gift Card issued in?


Can my Gift Card be exchanged for cash?

No. Gift Cards have no cash value.

Are physical or digital gift cards issued?


Can I still earn a gift card if I forgot to use my referral link?

Unfortunately, no. With the volume of referrals received, your unique sharing link is needed for all tracking and fulfilment.

Do I need to be a FreshBooks customer to refer a friend?

No. Simply generate a unique sharing link above using your preferred email address, that’s it. All tracking and gift card fulfillment happens through email.

Am I eligible to earn a gift card if I live outside North America?

Yes. Each country has its own unique selection of merchants to choose from.

Where can I access my referral link?

Click the ‘Refer a Friend’ button above to get started.

Is your Affiliate Program a completely different offering altogether from Refer a Friend?

Yes. The Affiliate Program uses its own distinct promotional methods and compensation. If you’d like to learn about our Affiliate Program, click HERE.