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Our Freelancer Podcast is Back

“I Make a Living” is the best business podcast for people who work for themselves. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner or entrepreneur, the mission of this “Sponsored by FreshBooks” podcast is to provide a space for insightful and candid conversations about what making a living really means to you.

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Episode transcripts are available for every episodes here.

About this Podcast

Episode topics revolve around small business owners and the self-employed community—your community.

The I Make a Living Podcast is a forum to discuss what it means to carve your own path, define success on your own terms, and build a business that brings you satisfaction.

We also discuss the unglamorous side of working for yourself, including the mistakes and struggles we all encounter along the way.

Center Stage

Want to be featured on the podcast? If you’re a listener, you know that we love featuring real stories from listeners in the Center Stage segment of our episodes.

We love your stories because they’re rich with small business ideas and small business advice for both male and female entrepreneurs alike.

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Our Host and Co-Producer, Darbi Masters

Darbi Masters is a lover of all things radio. She previously worked as a producer for a number of radio shows in downtown Chicago before assuming the role of creative media director for a non-profit organization in Manchester, England. Darbi recently moved back to the States where she began her own podcast editing and producing business.

James Morris

Audio Engineer and Composer

Paco Arizmendi

Co-Producer and Director

Contact the creators?

As a small business owner, entrepreneur or freelancer, we’d love to hear what you think of our business podcast – the format, the length, the topics you’d like to hear more about, etc.

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