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I Make A Living

The Podcast About Carving Your Own Path

What does making a living mean to you? Every entrepreneur answers this question differently, and we want to hear them all. Tune in to “I Make a Living” to hear today’s most successful entrepreneurs talk candidly with host Damona Hoffman about how they’ve shaped their careers.

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About this Podcast

On the I Make a Living Podcast, host Damona Hoffman talks to today’s most successful entrepreneurs about what it means to carve your own path, define success on your own terms, and build a business that brings you satisfaction. We’re interested in every aspect of being your own boss: The upsides, the downsides, and everything in between.

Introducing “The Nerdisodes”

This season, on top of full-length episodes, we’re nerding out with Thursday Nerdisodes: Not your typical business podcast episode. These mini-episodes focus on the technical aspects of running a business. Listen in for tactical strategies, tips and insights that you can action right away into your own business venture.

Our Team

Our Host and Co-Producer, Damona Hoffman

Damona Hoffman is a dating coach and media personality who starred in A+E Networks’ TV series #BlackLove and A Question of Love. Damona previously held creative executive positions at CBS, Paramount, and NBC Universal. Now, she hosts the Dates & Mates Podcast and contributes regularly to The Washington Post, CNN/HLN,, and in addition to coaching clients.

Francisco Arizmendi

Executive Producer

Francisco has been part of the FreshBooks team for over six years. He co-created the I Make a Living Event series which has toured all over North America, bringing entrepreneurs together to share experiences and build supportive communities. When not producing this podcast, a webinar or mingling at a conference, you can find him behind a book or in the recording studio laying down some guitar tracks.

James Morris

Audio Engineer and Composer

Leo Schell

Content Producer