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Season 2 - Episode 13:

From Vision to $250M Business- Ankur Nagpal

From Vision to $250M Business- Ankur Nagpal

Episode Summary

This week, we chat with Ankur Nagpal, founder and CEO of Teachable, an online knowledge-sharing platform for everyday experts, about his journey from IRL teacher to one of education tech’s rising stars.

Episode Notes

Everyone knows something: whether it’s mortgage expertise or breastfeeding advice, we all have pockets of knowledge that make us everyday experts. Imagine being able to reach an online audience with that info, and charging them to learn it. Ankur Nagpal has this vision, so he created Teachable to help people earn money from what they can share with others. 

Nagpal, whose background includes both real-life teaching and tech development, was a Forbes’s 2019 30 Under 30 Education honoree. This week, we talk to him about how to keep a relatively sane work-life balance (no all-nighters is a personal rule for him), how to hire and retain great employees (including an unorthodox stable of engineers), and how he’s come to recognize what Teachable really offers its clients. “We always say, No one wants your course,” he explains. “What they want is the outcome. They want the transformation. Your course is a way for them to get there.” He shares some of his knowledge with us, free of charge.