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Season 2 - Episode 18:

Carving Your Own Path- Allis Markham

Carving Your Own Path- Allis Markham

Episode Summary

When you hear “taxidermy,” you might think dusty museums and hunting lodges. Let Allis Markham, the award-winning artisan behind Prey Taxidermy, change your mind. She combines ethics, art, science, and style with a strong set of hands for a unique business that will leave a beautiful legacy.

Episode Notes

Allis Markham describes herself as “An artist with a really strong stomach.” She’s the founder of Prey Taxidermy, a Los Angeles studio that serves clients ranging from luxury brands like Gucci to natural history museums all over America. We chat about her transition from Director of Social Media Strategy for the Walt Disney Company to running her own shop that’s for the birds…and foxes…and armadillos.

Markham walked away from a six-figure job “explaining social media to boardrooms full of old white men” to follow her passion: creating beautiful taxidermy. Volunteering at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles netted her both a mentor and a deeper understanding of her craft. She decided to take the plunge into full-time when she realized she could become the go-to taxidermist for the Los Angeles set: people who loved art tinged with luxury. We talk to her about the importance of a business motto, how teaching classes helps her fine-tune her practice, and why YouTube and outsourcing help her say yes to more.


Allis Markham-