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Season 2 - Episode 12:

Transformative Storytelling- Michael Kass

Transformative Storytelling- Michael Kass

Episode Summary

We all have a story, but do we know how to tell it? In this week’s episode, we chat with Michael Kass, founder of Story and Spirit, who guides us through the value of storytelling for both businesses and the people who run them.

Episode Notes

On this week’s episode, we chat with Michael Kass, the founder of Story and Spirit. Kass has tapped into his deeply varied background—think theatre, financial management, breath work and vision quests—and now uses the power of storytelling to help people and businesses transform.

The importance of storytelling as a business tool has been highlighted by Harvard Business Review and Google as a key skill for success. It goes past the “why” of the business and into the “who,” as in how who you are drives what you do. We chat about why, while telling those stories might take a big cultural shift, doing so helps democratize how we know and learn about each other and our work. In childhood, Kass was moved by the realization that fairy tales hardly ever included regular people; as an adult, he’s working to change that, and making a successful business along the way.

We talk about the power of certification, the 80-20 rule, and defining success when you’re the first one on your path. Kass also walks us through the basics of a breath work exercise designed to help release emotion and get grounded when things seem turbulent.


Michael Kass-