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FreshBooks Is the Quickbooks Alternative That Takes the Stress Out of Accounting

Compare more than just features. FreshBooks makes it easier for business owners to serve their clients and provides the kind of human support you need to grow your company.

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When You Call, We Pick Up

“Whenever I have a question, whether it be big or small, I love the fact that I can call a number and reach a real person quickly.”



FreshBooks Is a 9-Time Stevie Award Winner for Outstanding Customer Service

Quality of Support

QuickBooks rating in G2

FreshBooks rating in G2

This Is What Reviews Say About QuickBooks’ Customer Service

Only users on the highest plans have access to QuickBooks’ top support package. Everyone else deals with longer-than-average wait times whenever they need help.

“I called in about this and they told me a number of things to do, but it wasn’t solved, clearly, the first time, nor the second, nor the third, nor the fourth. They made me try everything and jump through every hoop.”

Verified Quickbooks review on G2

“There is no clear number to call and they always push you back to online questions even when it is evident that you want to speak to someone due to dissatisfaction.”

Verified Quickbooks review on G2

“Don’t use them, when a company denies you a service for no reason, or none that they can explain, they don’t deserve to have your business.”

Verified Quickbooks review on G2

“Support is hit-or-miss—you can pay extra for Priority Circle, and might get someone good, but if not, you’re out of luck.”

Verified Quickbooks review on G2

“Support is absolutely terrible. Don’t expect anything to happen if you file a complaint.”

Verified Quickbooks review on G2

“Support is almost nonexistent. It is terrible, the reps keep you on hold for long periods of time if they answer at all.”

Verified Quickbooks review on G2

Accounting Software Can Be Intimidating

QuickBooks is designed for accountants. Getting set up as a business owner can be confusing and frustrating. And reviews show that calling support to get help can be hit-or-miss.

FreshBooks Makes Daily Accounting Easy to Get Through

FreshBooks is easy to use even without having accounting experience. And if you do lose your way, you can pick up the phone and talk to a real human invested in helping your business.

I was amazed at how much FreshBooks relieved my stress, rather than adding to it. The basic setup is simple and straightforward.
Erica Brooks
Content Designer

Featured In

FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks

With FreshBooks, You’ll Never Feel Alone While Running Your Business

Setting up FreshBooks Is a Breeze

Get up and running quickly so you can send invoices, track expenses, manage projects, and make your clients happy.

“Within a day I had my bank hooked up. Within a month I had all my bank transactions for the previous year imported into the tool and categorized perfectly.”

Joanna Pelletier

Support When You Need It—on Every Plan

Our Stevie Award-winning support team never lets the phone ring more than 3 times. No matter which FreshBooks plan you’re on, you can always count on someone to help.

“It’s amazing. Customer service has always been super friendly, easy to understand, and they always seem eager to help.”

Richard I.

Make It Easy for Clients to Pay How They Want

FreshBooks lets you bill international clients in their currency. Choose from a range of different payment options, including:

Payment processors:

  • FreshBooks Payments
  • Stripe
  • PayPal

Online payment options:

  • Credit Card
  • ACH (US)
  • Direct Debit (UK)

“FreshBooks lets me assign currency type by the client or by invoice.”

Richard I.

FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks

Managing Your Books Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain

See how FreshBooks makes bookkeeping easy for business owners—even if you’ve never used accounting software before. Try it risk-free with a 30-day trial.

Easy to set up. Easy to use.

FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks

Plans Packed With Features You Need at Every Stage of Your Growth

Essential features are available in all plans, like time tracking, expense tracking, and online payments.

Time Tracking

Log hours and add them to invoices, automatically.

Expense Categorization

Track expenses so you’re always ready at tax time.

International Payments

Accept international currencies with Stripe

Award-Winning Support

Email and phone access, no matter your plan.

FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks

Features Designed for You, the Business Owner

QuickBooks FreshBooks
Time Tracking

Only available on
high-priced plans.


Available on any plan

Easily log and add your billable hours to a client’s invoice.

Expense categorization

Only available on
high-priced plans.


Available on any plan

Organize your expenses and make tax filing a breeze.

Team roles

Only available on
high-priced plans.


Available on any plan, at $10/team member

Assign roles to your staff with differing sets of permissions and access.

Simultaneous users

Only available on
high-priced plans.


Unlimited on any plan*

Organize your expenses and make tax filing a breeze.


Only available on
high-priced plans.


Available on any plan

Invite employees, contractors, and clients to collaborate on your projects.

International Payments

Only available on
high-priced plans.


Available on any plan

Bill international clients in their currency.

* Get additional team members for $10/user/month

FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks

With FreshBooks’ Customer Support, You’ll Never Feel Alone While Running Your Business

Try FreshBooks risk-free for 30 days

No credit card requiered. Cancel anytime

Switch Effortlessly, With Help From Our Onboarding Team

Switching from QuickBooks or a different accounting software? Our friendly agents will migrate your account, onboard your team, and walk you through the most important features you need.

Done-for-You Migration

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Need Some Help Finding the Best QuickBooks Alternative?

The team is here to answer any questions that you might have. Give them a shout at 1.866.303.6061.

“Doing my accounting through QuickBooks was like going to the dentist. Painful! Doing accounting with FreshBooks is like going to the Spa! Plus, if you need help, the customer service is fantastical.”

Kathy Kersten

Freshbooks Team photo

A More Human Alternative to QuickBooks

FreshBooks might not be as big as QuickBooks but that doesn’t stop us from providing exceptional services. Actually, it’s the opposite.

Since QuickBooks is bigger—though we are working to change that—we choose to be more human, by making every interaction with us special.

We’re committed to giving you a more human approach to:

  • Dealing with accounting
  • Getting support from our team
  • Serving your clients

If accounting sometimes seems daunting and you feel you need a hand along the way, make sure you pick the company that’s going to be supporting you through good times and bad. And that’s always going to be approachable.

Give FreshBooks a try

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FreshBooks automate my accounting tasks?

FreshBooks’ features automate most of your accounting so you can spend more time focusing on your work and your clients. You can have invoices automatically generated and sent, expenses automatically tracked and even have your payments automatically recorded, all without you lifting a finger.

Where can I see FreshBooks price?

Find the perfect plan to support your business by visiting FreshBooks pricing page.

How does your price compare vs QuickBooks?

The main difference is that we don’t charge extra for basic features. FreshBooks offers essential features on all plans:

  • Unlimited + Customized Invoices
  • Unlimited Expense Entries
  • Unlimited Time Tracking
  • Unlimited Estimates
  • Add team members ($10/person/mo)

Can I use FreshBooks features while away from my office?

You sure can. FreshBooks offers iOS and Android apps that let you painlessly invoice your clients and track expenses wherever and whenever you need to. FreshBooks also has mileage tracking on iOS (coming soon to Android).

Can I accept credit card payments through FreshBooks?

Absolutely. With FreshBooks Payments you can start accepting credit card payments online right away, in just a few clicks.

Is my data safe in the cloud?

The safety of your private data is our top priority, that’s why it’s protected by 256-bit SSL encryption—the gold standard in Internet security. FreshBooks is cloud based accounting software and uses industry–leading secure servers.

Does FreshBooks allow for teams to collaborate?

Yup. With FreshBooks both you and your team can collaborate on and track time towards the same projects and clients. Your team members can also help you with your accounting by creating invoices and tracking their expenses. You can also add team members to your account with specific user roles and levels of access to sensitive information.

Is FreshBooks compatible with a Mac?

Great news: FreshBooks is available on any device—desktop, mobile or tablet and plays nicely with both Mac and PC.