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Season 2 - Episode 11:

The Business of Podcasting- Jeanine Wright and Fatima Zaidi

The Business of Podcasting- Jeanine Wright and Fatima Zaidi

Episode Summary

This week, we talk to Jeanine Wright of Simplecast and Quill co-founder Fatima Zaidi about how to bring the entrepreneurial spirit into the podcasting space: connecting with professionals, understanding your brand, and breaking down barriers.

Episode Notes

NOTE: In light of the Covid-19 outbreak and the current landscape for entrepreneurs, and small business owners, we are working hard to bring you more resources and conversations to get you through these difficult times. Stay tuned for some special episodes in the coming days and weeks.  Stay strong, you are not alone! Follow our community at

We know you like podcasts, but have you ever thought about starting one? On this week’s episode, we talk to two women with ample experience in the field. Jeanine Wright is the COO of Simplecast, which helps launch podcasts, and has a special focus on analytics. Fatima Zaidi co-founded Quill, which connects podcasts professionals to folks with a dream in order to get a project off the ground. We get the inside story on what goes into podcasting after the microphone is turned off: podcasts are one of the most powerful marketing tools available to companies, but they also need to find their own path to success. As Zaidi asks, “What kind of brand do you want to be seen as?”

We also talk to Wright and Zaidi about their experiences on opposite ends of the investor spectrum. Zaidi weighs on the value of running a bootstrap operation, while Wright shares her three criteria for considering an investment opportunity. Both also offer insight into their experience as women in a male-dominated sector, where there are opportunities to break new ground and create a work-life balance that works for you.


Jeanine Wright- Simplecast

Fatima Zaidi- Quill