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Season 2 - Episode 4:

Healthy Harmony: The Goulds

Healthy Harmony: The Goulds

Episode Summary

Do love and business mix? We sure think so! In this week’s episode, we talk to Courtney Nichols Gould and Gordon Gould, founders of SmartyPants vitamins and IRL married couple. They share how to make it work when you share a house and an HR department.

Episode Notes

“I steal my kid’s vitamins” isn’t something that would normally lead to an a-ha moment, but the Goulds aren’t your usual entrepreneurs. A couple for ten years, the Goulds are practiced business leaders who are part of the vanguard of the wellness industry: Gordon Gould crunches the numbers, and Courtney Nichol Gould focuses on the human side. Together, they’re the power couple behind SmartyPants, the vitamin gummy brand launched in 2011 that now includes products for children, adults, and even pets.

The Goulds practice holistic wellness in their work and their home life: we talk to them about their exercise regimes, why they used a coach to launch their business (and to get on the same page about parenting), and how the lines of communication stay fresh when, as Gordon says, “there’s no leaving it at the office, because the office comes home with you a lot of the times.” They also give us valuable info on the world of venture capital, where big visions can lead to big payoffs.


Courtney Nichols and Gordon Gould- Smarty Pants


INC Magazine on hiring a business coach-