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Season 3 - Episode 10:

Get Stressed Less with Ruth Elnekave

Get Stressed Less with Ruth Elnekave

Episode Summary

Are you feeling stressed? Ruth Elnekave knows that feeling! After leaving law, Ruth put her holistic nutrition and culinary school bona fides into creating Joya, a wellness company offering products that are both delicious and de-stressing. She talks to us about launching a business during COVID, where her partnership budget goes, and why we should all be a little easier on ourselves.

Episode Notes

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Ruth Elnekave knows what stress is. After all, she’s got five different degrees and diplomas, ranging from an MBA to her chef’s papers. Her business Joya combines her far-ranging professional experience (including business and marketing) with her life-long passions (cooking and holistic nutrition); the end result is wellness-oriented products that bridge the gap between soothing stressed-out customers (hello, paging 2020!) and being totally delicious. 

In this episode, we talk to Ruth about connecting with her grandmother through childhood family feasts, how her personal experience with stress led her to create Joya, and the silver linings of launching a business during a pandemic—turns out it’s pretty good for connecting with customers on social media. We also dive deep into the effects of stress on the body and why food is a “beautiful way to experience other cultures.” 

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