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Season 3 - Episode 7:

Fearless Networking and Tips on Working Better Together – Stefanie and Kalani Hubbard

Fearless Networking and Tips on Working Better Together – Stefanie and Kalani Hubbard

Episode Summary

Being a powerhouse creative couple means that when one person has a lightbulb moment, their partner is there to help fill in the details. On this week’s episode, we talk to Kalani and Stefanie Hubbard, the brains behind the video production company Galaxy Visuals, about how they use open communication at work (and at home) to help navigate tricky topics like budgets, scope, and COVID in their work.

Episode Notes

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“We’re better together, and we go further together.” This is Kalani Hubbard talking about one of the perks of working with his wife Stefanie at their video production company Galaxy Visuals. Together, Kalani and Stefanie have worked on projects ranging from commercials to training videos; their most recent win was developing View and Chew, their own series with Amazon Prime.

On this week’s episode, we talk to the Hubbards about how they merge their work-life with their marriage, how Stefanie’s former role as a hairstylist still serves her when she’s making media and the power of Google Hangouts. We also go high-level: why a big vision doesn’t always need a big budget, and how optimism can sometimes mean asking yourself the right questions: how can I make that happen?

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Guest- Stefanie and Kalani Hubbard

Galaxy Visuals