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Season 3 - Episode 8:

Accounting Secrets and Strategic Planning- Twyla Verhelst

Accounting Secrets and Strategic Planning- Twyla Verhelst

Episode Summary

Twyla Verhelst’s mission is to link accountants to small businesses for a win-win situation. Twyla is the head of FreshBooks’s Accountant Channel, and she talks to us about the power of forecasting your cash flow, how VC investors can change a small business, and why even a thriving business can benefit from strategic planning…brought to you, of course, from an accountant’s POV.

Episode Notes

When times get tough (like, say, most of 2020), it can be easy to dismiss an accountant or a bookkeeper as a business frill. Let Twyla Verhelst change your mind. She’s the Head of FreshBooks’s Accountant Channel, and while she’s got a numbers background, her greatest strength is bridging the gap between small business owners and the accounting professionals who work with them. She’s a former start-up founder and one of Practice Ignition’s 2018 Top 50 Women in Accounting, and she’s “an entrepreneur at heart.” 

Only half of all small businesses use accounting professionals, but they’re now more efficient and affordable than ever before. Today, Twyla talks to us about some of their lesser-known benefits, like helping you craft a powerful 90-day forecast, and finding efficiencies when you feel squeezed. We also talk about why your relationship with your accountant should be great (not just good): you should feel like your business would flop without your accounting professionals.

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