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Season 3 - Episode 6:

SEO Insights, Business Wisdom and Bolognese!- Rand Fishkin

SEO Insights, Business Wisdom and Bolognese!- Rand Fishkin

Episode Summary

If you want SEO knowledge, Rand Fishkin is your go-to guy. He’s a famous founder (Moz, anyone?) who’s current project is SparkToro, a market research and audience intelligence firm. He tells us how to max out your SEO through smart research, and why small business make for a better world.

Episode Notes

“Your job is to make good decisions. Hopefully great decisions!” Rand Fishkin is one of the best SEO resources currently working: from his early days at Moz to the market research and audience intelligence firm SparkToro, to his popular Whiteboard Friday series, Fishkin knows how to max out marketing. These days, he’s putting his considerable energy into helping small businesses thrive, and helping founders avoid the endless IPO chase.

Fishkin started as a college dropout who went into business with his mom. From these unconventional roots, he’s grown into an SEO expert who has kept on top of the shifting trends and best practices. He shares with us how thoughtful market research helps boost small businesses, how un-creepy audience tracking really is, and how a bowl of bolognese helped him bounce back from losing a $13M deal.

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