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Season 3 - Episode 13:

Creating a YouTube Sensation with Julie Nolke

Creating a YouTube Sensation with Julie Nolke

Episode Summary

Chances are, if you were online in April 2020 (and who wasn’t?), you saw Julie Nolke go viral by chatting with her past self about the early days of pandemic life. Her smart and saucy take on the year’s biggest news went stratospheric in her sixth year of YouTube work. Julie is a writer, actor, and creator who posts her own videos, and partners with others to create their online content. On this week’s episode, we talk to her about how she became a YouTube all-star.

Episode Notes

Guest- Julie Nolke

“There’s no one path to success, and that’s what’s really exciting.” If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video from a dedicated content creator and wondered exactly how they got there, you’re not alone. Julie Nolke is one such creator—a theatre school graduate who hustled at her day job and originally used her YouTube channel as a workshop space. She’s committed six years to her channel, doing everything from the acting and writing to the editing and ad selection. Her journey to viral stardom includes a variety of partnerships, plenty of diverse income streams, and a lot of scrappiness. 

On this week’s episode, we talk to Julie about why content creators should focus less on fancy gear set-ups and more on emotional resonance, how she partners with outside brands, and why creator-driven platforms like YouTube can help skirt the traditional gatekeepers in creative industries. Nolke, who was named one of YouTube’s Top Breakout Canadian Creators in 2020, has maintained her distinct POV as the view count ticks up.

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