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Season 3 - Episode 4:

Passion and Success with Mimi G.

Passion and Success with Mimi G.

Episode Summary

Have you turned your childhood hobby into a multi-million dollar business? Mimi G has. She’s the founder of Mimi G Style and Sew It! Academy, the online home for sewists of all backgrounds and levels. Mimi has gone from making Barbie clothes to running an empire, with a path that includes homelessness, celebrities, and pioneering online tutorials. Listen in as she walks us through her journey.

Episode Notes

Mimi G doesn’t have a typical success story, but you’d never know it from her four million social media followers or her million-dollar businesses (she has two of them!). Mimi is a former teen runaway and homeless single mom who turned her childhood interest in sewing into a thriving website, consulting business, and online learning hub. With Mimi G Style and Sew It! Academy, Mimi supports sewists of all levels in following their own design dreams.

In this week’s episode, Mimi tells us about how an unshakeable sadness helped her realize her days in film and TV were behind her, and why she still schedules time for her hobbies—including sewing—despite being immersed in the business of it all day. We also talk about her Puerto Rican family’s influence on her entrepreneurship, how she keeps tight relationships in business and life, and how offering a free service helped boost her income. Though her path to success might be full of unexpected loops, Mimi says, “it gave me a view of what I needed to do.”

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