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Season 3 - Episode 15:

Funding Success with Crystal Evuleocha (Season Finale)

Funding Success with Crystal Evuleocha (Season Finale)

Episode Summary

For women of color, the odds of getting funded have historically been…less than inspiring. In today’s episode, we talk to Crystal Evuleocha, founder of the Kiira women’s-medicine app, about her journey through the world of VC funding and how she developed a competitor to “Doctor Google.” This is our season finale and a special collaboration with Bumble Fund.

Episode Notes

For anyone who’s ever Googled a symptom, this episode goes out to you. Crystal Evuleocha, founder and CEO of Kiira, is a kindred spirit, but her self-diagnoses landed her in surgery after she didn’t know when to get help. Her experience led her to develop an app that connects college-age women with doctors they can trust. In a year where telemedicine took another leap forward, Kiira and Crystal were on the cutting edge. 

In this week’s episode, we talk to Crystal about her experiences as a woman of color in the funding world—Kiira has counts Bumble Fund and Serena Ventures as investors—and her journey through pitch competitions, client acquisition, and how COVID changed (and supercharged) her business: “Our entire corporate strategy is to increase access for underrepresented people.” We also hear from Bumble’s Strategy and Social Impact Associate Director Cybil Zhang of Bumble Fund’s work funding Black and Latinx female entrepreneurs. 

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