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Free Estimate Template

Professionally designed and fully customizable, the free Estimate Template makes it easy to create and send detailed work estimates to your customers.

Download Free Estimate Template

Create, customize, and send professional work estimates to customers with the FreshBooks Estimate Templates. Designed with businesses in mind, the free, downloadable templates make it easy to create tailored estimates for contract jobs, service requests, freelancing, and more. Simply add your business branding, service descriptions, product and labor costs, and payment details. Download the estimate template to get started.

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Estimate Template Formats for Your Business Needs

FreshBooks Estimate Templates are available in Word, Excel, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and PDF formats. Choose one of our free estimate templates to create a custom work estimate today.

Format - Microsoft Word

Word Estimate Template

The Microsoft Word Estimate Template is perfect for creating professional cost estimates, all with your business details and branding. Add custom images, colors, and more.

Format - Microsoft Excel

Excel Estimate Template

Download the free Estimate Template for Microsoft Excel. Excel’s easy-to-use formulas allow you to itemize your products, services, and prices.

Format - Google Doc

Google Docs Estimate Template

Take advantage of Google’s user-friendly platform with Estimate Templates for Google Docs. Customize your design, add business information, and send estimates to customers in seconds.

Format - Google Sheets

Google Sheets Estimate Template

The FreshBooks Estimate Template for Google Sheets makes it easy to itemize long lists of services and products for your customers. Simply fill out the template, add your branding, and send to customers.

Format - PDF

PDF Estimate Template

Now you can create and download professional estimate sheets in PDF format. Simply customize your design, add your details, and download the completed PDF estimate.

Free Estimate Templates by Category

With FreshBooks, access a range of free estimate templates by industry. The estimate template allows you to send client quotes efficiently for your business. Impress your customers using these professionally curated blank estimate templates that reflect your commitment to quality.

Free Estimate Templates vs. FreshBooks

Free estimate forms allow you to create and send professional estimates to help you land more customers, but they don’t provide the scalable features that are available with automated estimating software. With FreshBooks estimating software, you can create detailed work estimates, send estimates to clients, track open status, and monitor payments all in one place.

Free Estimate Template

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Comparison Chart - FreshBooks


Free Estimate Template

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Helpful Resources

FreshBooks Resource Hub has a wealth of information and educational resources to help you stay organized and make informed decisions about your business. Check out our primers on estimating basics, plus in-depth guides for specific needs like work estimates for small businesses or creating estimate sheets as a consultant.

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5 Estimate Terms and Conditions for Your Small Business

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The 4 Key Types of Estimates: A Guide for Trades and Home Services

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How to Write an Estimate

How to Write an Estimate in 5 Steps: A Small Business Guide

5 Reasons Why It’s Important for Small Businesses to Use Estimates

5 Reasons Why It’s Important for Small Businesses to Use Estimates

Tips & Tricks for Creating Estimates

It doesn’t take a professional to create detailed, customer-friendly estimate forms. Whether you’re a freelancer, own a small business, are an independent contractor, or operate a larger company, you can create professional work estimates in seconds with the help of the FreshBooks Estimate Template.

Here are a few tips for creating estimates for your business.


Add customer details

Once you have downloaded the free Estimate Template doc, you can add your customer name, address, email address, phone number, and other relevant information. This ensures that you have the correct information for each and every customer and are sending your final estimate to the correct contact.

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Include contingency

If your work estimates include specific requirements regarding deadlines for payment, accepted payment methods, or refunds, you can include these in your work estimates as well. Including contingency information will help ensure that you are paid on time and through the appropriate method.

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Customize your estimate

Work estimates don’t have to be plain or boring. With the Estimate Template from FreshBooks, you can add your brand logo, color, fonts, and even images to make your estimates stand out. Plus, you can include your business information to make it easy for customers to contact you.

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Follow up with customers

FreshBooks makes it easy to follow up with customers after you’ve sent them an estimate. With FreshBooks accounting and invoicing software, you can set automatic reminders, send manual reminders, or schedule recurring notifications to ensure you are paid on time.

Business Owners Prefer FreshBooks. The Reviews Prove It.

4.5 Excellent Star-Ratings

(4,214+ verified user reviews)

“FreshBooks is very suitable invoice management application for startup based companies. The software supports invoicing, and what I especially enjoyed was estimating, which is essential for individual customers to estimate and for projects.”

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4.5 Excellent Star-Ratings

(4,214+ verified user reviews)

“The ability to quickly and easily generate estimates, get them signed off on, convert them to invoices, send them out for payment, and receive payment electronically is essential to running my photography business. FreshBooks makes these completely seamless, fast, and efficient.”

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3.5 Good

(776+ verified user reviews)

“Excellent platform for small business. I use it to keep records of my clients, projects, expenses, and to some degree my finances. Really great time tracking capabilities, estimate generation, invoicing—all top notch. Easy to keep everything organized by client, project, and task, which makes invoicing and monitoring projects a breeze.”

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3.5 Good

(776+ verified user reviews)

“I’ve used Quicken and QuickBooks for my personal and business accounting in the past. FreshBooks is the perfect solution for me as an independent contractor. The price point is unbeatable and the product is absolutely right-sized for someone who wants their bookkeeping in order, and doesn’t want to spend their time crunching numbers when you could be finding new clients or delivering an awesome product to your customers. The mobile app is wonderful, especially for tracking hours and expenses when you travel and don’t want to keep track of a folder full of receipts.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an estimate template?

An estimate template is a downloadable, customizable document that contractors, freelancers, and business owners can use to send detailed cost estimates to potential customers. They typically include details regarding the services offered, hourly rates, or the cost for each service. This is what customers review before deciding to move forward with services and issuing payment.

Why use an estimate template?

Estimate templates make it easier to create work estimates by providing a ready-to-use template instead of requiring the service provider to create the detailed estimate from scratch. The template is downloadable, easy to customize, and can be sent to customers in a matter of minutes. Using an estimate form saves you time and money when it comes to your business invoicing.

What are some examples of estimate templates?

The examples of estimate templates are nearly endless, given that there are so many different types of businesses. Some examples of the most common estimate templates include Contractor Estimate Templates, HVAC Estimate Templates, Marketing Estimate Templates, Job Estimate Templates, and Auto Repair Estimate Templates.

What’s the difference between estimates, invoices, and quotes?

Estimates, invoices, and quotes are financial documents used in business transactions, but they serve different purposes. A cost estimate is a document that outlines the anticipated costs of a product or service and is typically sent to a potential customer before a sale. An invoice is a formal document that’s issued to the customer once the transaction has taken place, requesting payment for the product(s) or service(s). A quote is similar to an estimate in that it outlines the anticipated costs of a service. If the customer accepts the quote, the quote may be converted into an invoice.

What should I include in a work estimate?

A work estimate should provide detailed information about the scope of work, costs, and terms of the project or service. It is important to include your company’s name and contact information, your client’s name and contact information, the date the estimate is issued, the project timeline, an estimate number, a description of the work to be performed, payment terms, Terms and Conditions, the validity period for the estimate, and attachment of any additional documents or materials.

Does Google Docs have an estimate template?

The FreshBooks Estimate Template is available to download in Google Docs format. If you prefer to use Google Docs as your platform of choice for creating work estimates, the free Estimate Template makes it easy to create detailed estimates in seconds. Simply download the template, open a new document in Google Docs, and fill in the relevant details for your new work estimate.

What is the best program to create work estimates?

Create professional work estimates with the help of FreshBooks estimating software. While the free downloadable job estimate templates allow you to create simple cost estimates, FreshBooks offers many more professional tools for creating detailed, branded work estimates. Save your customer information to your contacts, set recurring reminders, collect payment online, and more with the help of FreshBooks invoicing and accounting tools.


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