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Free Excel Estimate Template

Effortlessly generate precise work estimates with our Excel Estimate Template. Designed for simplicity and accuracy, this template from FreshBooks empowers you to create and send professional project estimates swiftly.

Downloadable Excel Estimate Templates

If you own a business and need to quickly and professionally send estimates to your clients, FreshBooks is the perfect solution. With our innovative Excel Estimate Templates, you can create polished estimates that not only showcase professionalism but also elevate your brand image.

More Estimate Template Formats

FreshBooks provides a diverse collection of free estimate templates in various formats. The Excel estimate template is just one among several estimate templates available to generate client quotes when creating estimates for your business. Enhance your professional image with these expertly crafted templates.

Format - Microsoft Word

Word Estimate Template

Craft and personalize your project quotes effortlessly using our pre-designed Microsoft Word estimate template. Input essential information such as product line items, projected expenses, material and labor costs (if relevant), and expiration dates to tailor and customize them to your specific needs.

Format - PDF

PDF Estimate Template

Need to convert estimates into PDFs? The PDF Estimate Template is the perfect solution. Input customer details, outline the project or services, incorporate your company name, calculate actual costs, and easily download and dispatch the comprehensive estimate as a PDF.

Format - Google Doc

Google Docs Estimate Template

Streamline the business estimate creation process and save time using our complimentary Google Sheets free estimate template. Google Sheets, a widely used spreadsheet tool from Google, is the preferred choice for business owners, consultants, and contractors.

Format - Google Sheets

Google Sheets Estimate Template

Streamline the business estimate creation process and save time using our complimentary Google Sheets estimate template. Google Sheets, a widely used spreadsheet tool from Google, is the preferred choice for business owners, consultants, and contractors.

Free Estimate Templates by Category

With FreshBooks, access a range of free estimate templates by industry. The estimate template allows you to send client quotes efficiently for your business. Impress your customers using these professionally curated blank estimate templates that reflect your commitment to quality.

Excel Estimate Template vs. FreshBooks

Microsoft Excel estimate templates offer convenience and ease of use, but when it comes to scalability and advanced features, automated estimate software is the key. Efficiently handle and monitor estimates, simplify client communication, and access valuable financial insights—all within a user-friendly platform. Take your estimating processes to the next level with FreshBooks.

Excel Estimate Template

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FREE Excel Estimate Template

Flexible estimate templates

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Helpful Resources

Explore the extensive knowledge base available at the FreshBooks Resource Hub, which offers a wide range of valuable resources for small and expanding enterprises. Delve into our introductory materials covering fundamental estimation principles alongside comprehensive manuals on accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Excel have an estimate template?

While Excel provides a set of estimate templates, FreshBooks introduces a specialized estimate template designed for Excel users. Use this template with Microsoft Excel to generate thorough and branded estimates that meet the specific needs of your clients.

How do I download and use the estimate template in Excel?

To utilize the Excel Estimate Template from FreshBooks, just click “download,” and the document will open up within Excel.

How do I create an estimate document in Excel?

After downloading the Excel estimate template, open the template in Microsoft Excel, input your estimate number and details, format as needed, and save. You can convert it to PDF using Excel’s “Save As” option.

Are there any pre-built formulas in the Excel estimate template?

Excel estimate templates often include built-in formulas for automatic calculations. Common ones involve summing, averaging, and percentage calculations, streamlining the estimating process.

Does Excel have a job quote template?

Transforming job quotes is a breeze with the estimate templates available in Excel. These templates boast all the requisite fields and functions. If you prefer, you can leverage the Excel Estimate Template from FreshBooks to streamline the creation of job quotes.


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