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Season 4:

Nerdisode #7- Beating Imposter Syndrome with Emily Thompson

Nerdisode #7- Beating Imposter Syndrome with Emily Thompson

Episode Summary

Emily Thompson refers to Imposter Syndrome as “Fraudy Feelings”. In this Nerdisode, she shares her top tips to vanish them in your day-to-day.

Episode Notes

  1. Make Rejection Fun– Turn the icky feelings into a game and change your mindset about the negative approach to them.

  1. Get Comfortable with Yourself – Define what confidence means to you, identify your personal values and live them daily!

  1. Check Your Vibes– What relationships are you surrounding yourself with, what decisions are you making about work, life and the space that surrounds you. All of these elements directly impact your mood and your confidence when dealing with negative feelings.

  1. Raise Your Frequency– Snap out of your negative cycles by doing something creative!

  1. Identify Your ‘Little Wins’– Do not overlook your small achievements, they are an important part of the journey, so CELEBRATE them!