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Season 2 - Episode :

Working From Home During a Pandemic- Lisa Canning

Working From Home During a Pandemic- Lisa Canning

Episode Summary

As part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re offering minisodes with tools, resources, and tips to help your work and business stay nimble. In this week’s minisode, Lisa Canning talks about how she balances a successful interior design career, her new journey as a business coach, and book author while dealing with eight—yes, eight—kids at home.

Episode Notes

Notes: How does a mother of eight balance a thriving design career with a family the size of a baseball team? Well, for starters, she doesn’t sweat the mess. Lisa Canning is an author, coach, and design expert, and this week, she joins us to talk about how entrepreneurs can get family life and work goals to align, even during a pandemic. She counsels us to let go of perfectionism, schedule deep-focus time, and to delegate household chores to the kids. Most importantly, she says this unique time can give us a chance to figure out what really matters—for both business activities and parenting—and to to loosen our grip on the other stuff.  “The main goal for us, during this period, is forming greater connections with our families.”

Guest- Lisa Canning