Introducing: Automatic Expense Import in FreshBooks

Say goodbye to expense-related stress with Automatic Expense Import.

Keeping track of expenses is important to any business. Keeping tabs on both your income and your spending will allow you to know just how profitable your business is.

Tracking what you spend will not only let you keep an eye on the health of your business, it will also make tax time a breeze. Most small business owners can claim some of their expenses on their taxes to decrease their tax bill (or even better, increase their refund), so having everything logged and categorized for tax time can reduce the headache. The trouble is, collecting all your receipts and manually enter every expense can be tedious.

Now You can Say Goodbye to Expense-Related Stress with Automatic Expense Import

Connect your bank account or credit card to FreshBooks and watch your expenses automatically import into your account every day. Manually adding your expenses is now a thing of the past.

How Does it Work?

FreshBooks connects to your bank account and automatically imports your expenses every day. Every time a new expense is detected, FreshBooks imports it into your account.

Not only that, FreshBooks will also attempt to automatically categorize your expenses based on how others categorize similar expenses. Not happy with how an expense was categorized? No problem—the expenses are easy to edit so you can organize each one exactly how you like it.

FreshBooks connects with over 14,000 different banks and credit cards. Simply select your bank and enter your online banking credentials.

automatic expense imports

FreshBooks will securely connect to your bank and give you an option of the accounts you’d like to import from.


Once you’ve selected your bank accounts, your expenses will start flowing into your FreshBooks account—kind of like magic.

Is this Secure?

Absolutely. To keep your data safe and sound, the Automatic Expense Import uses the same security encryption as your bank.

Ready to get Started?

Head to the Bank Connections page in your FreshBooks account and either select your bank from the list or use the “Find your bank” feature.

automatic expense import

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