Classic FreshBooks: 7 Ways I’ve Almost Killed Freshbooks

After launching the new website redesign, we all took a moment to reflect and reminisce about classic FreshBooks, and in our moment of silence we all picked one thing about the old blog that was their favorite. By almost unanimous decision we decided that our favorite memory was a post Mike wrote on August 27, 2008 about how he almost killed FreshBooks. In honor of our old design we figured we would reach in to the old FreshBooks vault and share that post with you again, because like NBC says, it may be new to you.

7 ways I’ve almost killed FreshBooks

I’ve often said, “were it not for Joe and Levi, I would have run this company into the ground long ago”. The fact is, truer words were seldom spoken.

Here’s a list of ways that I’ve almost killed FreshBooks over the years:

1. Thinking we had to move faster than we did
I remember back in 2005 feeling that if we did not blow our lights out and spend every penny we had on marketing “right now!” someone would obliterate us. I had this impending sense of doom for *years* based on our speed. Turns out I was wrong, and I owe Joe and Levi a world of thanks for repeatedly pulling me back from the ledge.

2. Placing my faith in a spreadsheet
Rocking a spreadsheet is important in my books – it gets you thinking about your business. But trust me, whatever numbers come out of your Excel jockeying, they’re wrong. If you saw our business plan from 5 years ago you’d see what I mean…

It’s really easy to stare at a spreadsheet and say, “that’s it! I totally get this business…I understand how it all works and look at that year 5 revenue!”, when the reality is it will take 10 years to get there, cost you twice as much as you thought, and you’ll probably be running a totally different business by the time you get there. All of that is okay in my books, just so long as you don’t actually delude yourself into believing what the spreadsheet tells you.


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