3 Ways FreshBooks Makes Your Team More Effective

Collaborate more effectively with your Team and keep all your communication in one place on FreshBooks.

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Most success stems from teamwork. Whether it’s employees working together, or with clients and contractors, teamwork allows you to achieve common goals and get more done in less time. Plus, it contributes to innovation and guarantees more lightbulb moments in your brainstorms.

The power of working together is undeniable and has shaped much of the FreshBooks platform. So to help you unlock the full potential of your Team, here are 3 ways FreshBooks can enhance your collaboration.

1. FreshBooks Improves Productivity Through Time Tracking Features

Time Tracking in FreshBooks is a powerful tool that will help you grow your business by:

  • Identifying how you and your Team spend time and help pinpoint time-consuming tasks
  • Ensuring invoices accurately reflect hours worked
  • Helping with future projections and estimates by looking at how long similar projects took in the past

With Time Tracking you can:

  • Set a timer while you work or log time after
  • Easily add projects or services while the timer is running
  • Track your time against specific clients, projects, and estimates
  • View daily breakdowns and at-a-glance overviews to see how productive your Team is
  • See what projects are complete and pinpoint issues for projects that are behind schedule
  • Create accurate invoices within the Time Tracking dashboard
  • Run project analyses by accessing the Time Tracking information from the dashboard
  • Build business intelligence to price future projects

2. FreshBooks Enhances Teamwork With Project Management and Collaboration Software

If you aren’t already sold on the use of online collaboration tools, consider the remote working trend that shows no signs of slowing. To help you collaborate, embrace this trend, and get the most out of your Team, FreshBooks offers powerful online project management and collaboration software.

Here are a few ways FreshBooks can help your Team become more efficient:


You can invite employees, contractors and clients to work together in one place. That means more efficiency and arriving at quality work faster—all within FreshBooks.


Easily upload any documents or files to one central location. No more sifting through endless emails to locate the right file.


Keep all your communications in one place for quicker feedback and achieve project milestones faster.


Set project deadlines so that you have something to work towards, and plan your schedule accordingly.


Want a quick overview of how your team is doing? Check out the Project Overview screen by going to the Projects section and clicking on any Project. Here’s what it looks like in-app:

project overview

3. FreshBooks Reporting Features Allow For Shared Visibility

To get the most out of your Team, show them that the work they’re doing is getting results with the unique reporting features in FreshBooks. The reporting dashboard offers an at-a-glance summary of profitability, allowing Teams to see where the business stands.

Note: Only those you share visibility with through their assigned role can see the reporting dashboard.

Need Help Getting Started?

If you have any questions about Teams or how to enhance collaboration, a team of Support Rockstars is ready to help you out. Contact them here.

This post was updated in March 2021.


Written by FreshBooks

Posted on August 9, 2017