What’s New in FreshBooks – 2022

A roundup of all the newest features launched in FreshBooks in 2022. Check back in every month for regular updates.

2022 Product Roundup

FreshBooks is constantly being updated and improved to make running your business even easier. And with new features being released every month, this is the best place to check in on the latest releases built for owners.

January 2022

Automatically Capture Receipt Data

Picking up the tab for a client lunch or paying a vendor for supplies? Snap a picture of the receipt and FreshBooks will automatically capture the merchant, totals, and taxes for you with Digital Receipts Capture.

Checkout Links allow you to collect payments on fixed-priced items and services using a simple URL or QR code. And now, you can create a link and share it with your client right from the iOS or Android FreshBooks app.

February 2022

Pause the Timer for More Accurate Tracking

When your Tracking Format is set to Duration, you can now pause from within the Timer or resume any logged Time Entry to track more time to it again. This makes it easier to track your time more accurately.

FreshBooks Accounting Partner Program

Are you an accountant seeking deeper connections with your clients through collaborative accounting? The Accounting Partner Program was launched to help you with exactly that, and it’s open to join now.

March 2022

Updated to a Newer, More Accessible Font

Next time you log in to your account you may notice that the font has been updated. This is to align closer with our newer branding, which includes a more dedicated approach to accessibility.

The links you generate to share an Invoice with a client are now a whole lot shorter. This will make it easier to copy and paste when reaching out to a client.

Find 100s of Apps and Integrations on the New App Store

Integrate your FreshBooks account with over 100 partners and simplify everything from payment to payroll. The new App Store makes it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for.

April 2022

Forward Receipts Over Email to Auto Track Expenses

Received an email receipt for a recent purchase? Forward it to a dedicated email and FreshBooks will automatically scan the vendor, merchant, and totals for your review. To find your unique email, go to the Expenses section of your account, click on the Uploads sub-tab, in the top right corner under More Actions, click Email Settings.

Export All Your Receipts in a Few Clicks

You can now export all of your expense receipts, for any date range, in just a few clicks. This makes it easier to keep track of all your spending for you or your accountant. 

Option to Remove Loading Screen Quotes

You may have noticed some quotes while logging into your FreshBooks account. And while they are there to give you a bit of extra motivation, we understand if you want the option to turn them off. Now you can by clicking the gear icon, then navigating to Settings.


Improvements to the Chrome Time Tracker Extension

The Chrome Time Tracker extension has been updated to include a consistent login experience, time tracking experience, the ability to assign time to a Retainer, and updated branding.

🇬🇧 Accept Payments Online With Barclaycard

For our UK customers who want to get paid in 1-2 business days… you can now connect FreshBooks to Barclaycard payments in just a few steps and start getting paid online. And with fees as low as 1%, you get more money in your pocket with every transaction.

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