Forget Scary Ghosts and Goblins: What do Small Business Owners Really Fear?

October 30, 2016

Halloween: It’s the one time of the year where we feel obliged to binge on scary flicks and pay admission into spooky, haunted houses. The problem is, most of us end up staring at the ceiling for three nights straight.

But as a small business owner, what actually keeps you up at night? Your quick response may be the 1950s thriller you watch on Halloween night, though there’s probably much more that’s rattling your mind—and much of it relates to your business.

Luckily, it’s our job to address those fears, and then guide you to a simple, easy-to-execute solution. To make running your business less scary, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite FreshBooks blog posts to help you face your entrepreneurial fears head-on.

Fear #1: Not Getting Paid on Time

Fear #2: Growing too Fast… or Not Fast Enough

small business owners

Fear #3: Personal Identity

  • Don’t Let Imposter Syndrome Stymy Your Success
    Ever achieved a business milestone—a successful book launch or an income goal perhaps—and thought “I just got lucky”? Or maybe you worried that someday people would realize you weren’t as smart or as competent as they thought you were? That inability to “own” your accomplishments could be imposter syndrome. (Read)


Fear #4: The Year is Almost Over. That means… Tax Season!

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  • FreshBooks Tax Help
    In this world, there are only two things that are certain: death and taxes. With Halloween officially upon us and two months left in the calendar year, you’ll be preparing yourself for the dreaded time of the year that every small business owner must face: Tax Season. (Read)

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