Small Business Owners: Which Superhero Do You Resemble Most?

Small business owners are the (often unsung) heroes of our economy.

Just like comic book superheroes, small business owners are great innovators, refusing to accept the status quo. And yet another way they’re like superheroes: They juggle identities. After all, a small business owner is often their own accountant, project manager, HR rep, office manager… and more. The only thing missing is the cape!

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So which superhero you resemble most? Do you share their weaknesses? Take a peek at the profiles below to determine which superhero you’re most like.

The Visionary: Dr. Strange

Your vision is almost otherworldly and your company is based on that idea of the future. With each day, you constantly seek inspiration and do your best to understand the entrepreneurial world you find yourself in.

Compared to your competition, you always see the bigger picture and don’t get bogged down in the little, insignificant details.

For you, long-term success means looking into the bright possibilities of the future. That said, your powerful vision helps you avoid potential landmines, and you learn what it takes to be a leader for tomorrow.

But with great vision comes vulnerabilities: Beware of your trips to the astral plane. Visionaries can be too focused on the dream and not focused enough on day-to-day reality.

The Leader: Wonder Woman

Like Wonder Woman, you have an incredible will and ability to fight and lead your small business through any challenge. Your tenacity is what gives you strength, and places you at a clear advantage over any competition. Naturally, you’re a risk-taker and you tell hard truths, demanding the same of others.

When it comes to your mission, you view your business as a way to improve the world because, at the end of the day, you do this for your clients. You thrive because you know what’s best for them—and you stick by it and deliver every time. And when it’s time to kick your feet up, you find reward not in relaxation, but by working on a noble cause.

However, Wonder Woman’s tenacity isn’t immune to the occasional vulnerability. So yours: Even warriors can’t use strong-arm tactics to get their way all the time. Trust your leadership skills to help others find their way.

The Business Strategist: Batman

Like the Dark Knight, you see patterns in the world and have a clear vision of how the future of your business looks.

Although you are a natural leader, you choose to do the work in the background until you see a real need (via the Bat-Signal) to take charge. But when you do, your thoughts and ideas are unlike anyone else’s—you always know the most precise, swift way to solve the problem at hand.

For you, no detail in your business is too small or insignificant. After all, it’s the little details that make up the bigger picture. And you have special powers for finding unique ways to make the details less tedious and more fun.

But with great power comes great self-responsibility. At times, you can become totally focused on the needs of business and customers but ignore your own needs. Beware the bane of burnout.

The People-Person: Thor

Like the god of thunder, you love to make a big impression. You are willing to put on a show for others to entertain them and make them happy.

Just based on your charisma alone, you’ve built a personal brand that’s truly the hammer you use to grow your business and create connections. Plus you’re a natural when it comes to impressing clients and closing the deal.

Because of your gregarious, people-centered character, you really know how to treat yourself to a little TLC after a hard day’s work. Your wind-down rituals hold as much importance in your daily routine as anything else does.

Beware: The big personality might not always lead to building a better business. Watch out for that high-voltage persona. It can lead you to become too focused on judging yourself in relation to others, especially competitors. A more introspective approach sometimes yields bigger results.


No matter who you end up resembling most, you’ve got to be a bit of a superhero to win at business. But it’s not all about flashy appearances and intense triumphs.

You need stamina, insight and ingenuity in order to really make a difference. (Plus a cape on your coat-rack wouldn’t hurt either!)

Did you hear? All superheroes do their accounting on the cloud.

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Freelance Contributor Karen Hawthorne worked for six years as a digital editor for the National Post, contributing articles on business, food, culture and travel for affiliated newspapers across Canada. She now writes from her home office in Toronto as a freelancer, and takes breaks to bounce with her son on the backyard trampoline. Connect with her on LinkedIn.