Tax day in the U.S. has arrived

April 15, 2008

So, you’re sitting there trying to decide how to finish your tax return without all the information you’re missing or not sure of, right?

Well, take a breath – and get an extension.

Your tax software service can probably do it online. If not – use Form 4868.

If you have a partnership or LLC filing as a partnership, or an estate (Form 1041) or trust (Form 1041), use IRS Form 7004.

The extensions are automatically accepted – no approval needed. Good for 6 months.

BUT, if you owe money, you need to pay. Drop by TaxWatch article at (it’s written by me) for tips on how to pay – especially if you don’t have money right now. In fact, read it BEFORE you finalize your tax return. You’re going to find one last way to cut last year’s taxes. But only if you put your tax return on extension.

Oh, let me dispell a rumor I just heard about extensions and the Stimulus Rebates. Some fool is spreading the rumor that you won’t get your rebate if you put your return on extension. That’s utter nonsense. You’ll get it. Perhaps a bit later. But it will come.

Happy Tax Day!

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