7 Key Characteristics of the Right Time Tracking Software

How do you find the right time tracking software for your business?

time tracking software

If you’ve ever used anything from a post-it to an iPhone app to track the time you spend on projects you know just how unsatisfying and limiting it can be.

Manually tracking your time makes reconciling time sheets difficult and losing time logs are all too common. As for timers on your phone…sure they may do the job, but keeping a complete record of all your time logs against specific clients and projects is often impossible.

The worst part? This means you invariably undercharge and lose money in the process. I mean, how do you charge appropriately if your time logs aren’t correct?

Plus, the mere process of creating an invoice from those logs it far too finicky. Think about it: You open your timer on your phone and then create an invoice in a separate program (and if you’re using Excel the process becomes even more cumbersome).

The good news is there’s a better way: Online time tracking solutions. Of course, not all these solution are created equal. So, in this post, we share the essential elements you should look for when choosing a time tracking app.

time tracking software

Nick Darlington

Written by Nick Darlington, Freelance Contributor

Posted on July 3, 2018