Scaling Secrets of the Fastest Growing Trades and Contractor Businesses [webinar]

In this webinar, Danny Kerr, founder of Breakthrough Academy, shares advice on scaling your trades or contractor business.
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scaling secrets trades and construction - webinar

Do you want to build your business better (not just bigger)? Are you wondering how to find the right team, motivate staff, and set the right goals?

For answers to these questions and more, watch our free, on-demand webinar featuring Danny Kerr, founder of Breakthrough Academy.

Danny works with more than 370 home-services businesses to take them to the next level through setting achievable goals for their financials, employee training, recruitment, and more.

At 18 years old Danny started his first painting business, working 80+ hours a week in the beginning, before his girlfriend reminded him there’s more to life than work. He came out of the 2008 recession stronger than ever and has made his work-life balance a priority ever since.

Now he helps trades businesses scale up without growing pains through Breakthrough Academy’s coaching, templates, and forums. Today, the companies under his guidance are worth more than a billion dollars.

“I stopped feeling like a glorified babysitter, and started feeling more like a coach, and my team was becoming more and more skilled over time.”

To find out how Danny did it and how you can, too, watch the webinar now.

How to Use FreshBooks as a Contractor

This post was updated in November 2021.

Shannon Kelly

Written by Shannon Kelly, Senior Content Marketing Manager, FreshBooks

Posted on March 12, 2021