Under the Hood: Introducing Sunir Shah

June 4, 2007

Hello everyone. Just wanted to make a quick post to let you know we’ve got a great new addition to team FreshBooks: Sunir Shah.

Sunir Shah

Levi and I met Sunir a couple years back. At the time he was working sales for Social Text, and we were always impressed by his ability to connect with people. He’s a social guy and a technologist. Born and raised in Deep River Ontario, Sunir has genetics on his side. His Dad was Kenya’s Chief Civil Engineer until he realized he wanted to move to Canada to give his family a fresh start. He landed himself and his brood in Deep River where he worked his way to a position running Canada’s Chalk River Atomic Energy facilities. Fairly heady stuff, no? One day at lunch Joe (PhD Computer Science and FreshBooks co-founder) mentioned he was off to a conference about discrete math. Sunir was curious to hear a little more and offered his 4.0 GPA in math as currency to continue the conversation. He has a computer science degree, a Masters in Information Studies with a specialty in Knowledge Media Design. Guess the apple does not fall too far from the tree…

Sunir has worked at three start-ups prior to arriving at FreshBooks. Despite the fact that his other jobs largely revolved around compiling code, he’s going to be heading up marketing and community development at FreshBooks, and despite the ridiculous talents he possesses for writing code, we know he’s a natural for the role. So you will be hearing from him here on FreshThinking, see him at events and you can expect his door to be open to you…he may even be calling or emailing you sometime soon…

So…without further adieu, please join me in welcoming Sunir to the FreshBooks team. Welcome Sunir – we’re stoked to have you aboard.

P.S. We are hiring web developers and a crack designer right now. Contact us if you are interested.

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